Dataset.transpose(*dims, missing_dims='raise')[source]#

Return a new Dataset object with all array dimensions transposed.

Although the order of dimensions on each array will change, the dataset dimensions themselves will remain in fixed (sorted) order.

  • *dims (hashable, optional) – By default, reverse the dimensions on each array. Otherwise, reorder the dimensions to this order.

  • missing_dims ({"raise", "warn", "ignore"}, default: "raise") – What to do if dimensions that should be selected from are not present in the Dataset: - “raise”: raise an exception - “warn”: raise a warning, and ignore the missing dimensions - “ignore”: ignore the missing dimensions


transposed (Dataset) – Each array in the dataset (including) coordinates will be transposed to the given order.


This operation returns a view of each array’s data. It is lazy for dask-backed DataArrays but not for numpy-backed DataArrays – the data will be fully loaded into memory.