Dataset.groupby(group, squeeze=True, restore_coord_dims=False)[source]#

Returns a DatasetGroupBy object for performing grouped operations.

  • group (Hashable, DataArray or IndexVariable) – Array whose unique values should be used to group this array. If a string, must be the name of a variable contained in this dataset.

  • squeeze (bool, default: True) – If “group” is a dimension of any arrays in this dataset, squeeze controls whether the subarrays have a dimension of length 1 along that dimension or if the dimension is squeezed out.

  • restore_coord_dims (bool, default: False) – If True, also restore the dimension order of multi-dimensional coordinates.


grouped (DatasetGroupBy) – A DatasetGroupBy object patterned after pandas.GroupBy that can be iterated over in the form of (unique_value, grouped_array) pairs.