DataArray.dot(other, dims=None)

Perform dot product of two DataArrays along their shared dims.

Equivalent to taking taking tensordot over all shared dims.


other : DataArray

The other array with which the dot product is performed.

dims: list of strings, optional

Along which dimensions to be summed over. Default all the common dimensions are summed over.


result : DataArray

Array resulting from the dot product over all shared dimensions.

See also

dot, numpy.tensordot


>>> da_vals = np.arange(6 * 5 * 4).reshape((6, 5, 4))
>>> da = DataArray(da_vals, dims=['x', 'y', 'z'])
>>> dm_vals = np.arange(4)
>>> dm = DataArray(dm_vals, dims=['z'])
>>> dm.dims
>>> da.dims
('x', 'y', 'z')
>>> dot_result = da.dot(dm)
>>> dot_result.dims
('x', 'y')