xarray.dot(*arrays, dims=None)

Generalized dot product for xarray objects. Like np.einsum, but provides a simpler interface based on array dimensions.


arrays: DataArray (or Variable) objects

Arrays to compute.

dims: str or tuple of strings, optional

Which dimensions to sum over. If not speciified, then all the common dimensions are summed over.


dot: DataArray


>>> da_a = xr.DataArray(np.arange(3 * 4).reshape(3, 4), dims=['a', 'b'])
>>> da_b = xr.DataArray(np.arange(3 * 4 * 5).reshape(3, 4, 5),
>>>                     dims=['a', 'b', 'c'])
>>> da_c = xr.DataArray(np.arange(5 * 6).reshape(5, 6), dims=['c', 'd'])
>>> xr.dot(da_a, da_b, dims=['a', 'b']).dims
('c', )
>>> xr.dot(da_a, da_b, dims=['a']).dims
('b', 'c')
>>> xr.dot(da_a, da_b, da_c, dims=['b', 'c']).dims
('a', 'd')