Dataset.to_zarr(store=None, mode='w-', synchronizer=None, group=None, encoding=None, compute=True, consolidated=False, append_dim=None)

Write dataset contents to a zarr group.


Experimental The Zarr backend is new and experimental. Please report any unexpected behavior via github issues.

storeMutableMapping or str, optional

Store or path to directory in file system.

mode{‘w’, ‘w-‘, ‘a’}

Persistence mode: ‘w’ means create (overwrite if exists); ‘w-‘ means create (fail if exists); ‘a’ means append (create if does not exist).

synchronizerobject, optional

Array synchronizer

groupstr, obtional

Group path. (a.k.a. path in zarr terminology.)

encodingdict, optional

Nested dictionary with variable names as keys and dictionaries of variable specific encodings as values, e.g., {'my_variable': {'dtype': 'int16', 'scale_factor': 0.1,}, ...}

compute: bool, optional

If True compute immediately, otherwise return a dask.delayed.Delayed object that can be computed later.

consolidated: bool, optional

If True, apply zarr’s consolidate_metadata function to the store after writing.

append_dim: str, optional

If mode=’a’, the dimension on which the data will be appended.