DataArray.cumprod(dim=None, axis=None, skipna=None, **kwargs)

Apply cumprod along some dimension of DataArray.

dimstr or sequence of str, optional

Dimension over which to apply cumprod.

axisint or sequence of int, optional

Axis over which to apply cumprod. Only one of the ‘dim’ and ‘axis’ arguments can be supplied.

skipnabool, optional

If True, skip missing values (as marked by NaN). By default, only skips missing values for float dtypes; other dtypes either do not have a sentinel missing value (int) or skipna=True has not been implemented (object, datetime64 or timedelta64).

keep_attrsbool, optional

If True, the attributes (attrs) will be copied from the original object to the new one. If False (default), the new object will be returned without attributes.


Additional keyword arguments passed on to cumprod.


New DataArray object with cumprod applied to its data along the indicated dimension.