xarray.tutorial.open_rasterio(name, engine=None, cache=True, cache_dir=None, **kws)[source]#

Open a rasterio dataset from the online repository (requires internet).

If a local copy is found then always use that to avoid network traffic.

Available datasets:

  • "RGB.byte": TIFF file derived from USGS Landsat 7 ETM imagery.

  • "shade": TIFF file derived from from USGS SRTM 90 data

RGB.byte and shade are downloaded from the rasterio repository 1.

  • name (str) – Name of the file containing the dataset. e.g. ‘RGB.byte’

  • cache_dir (path-like, optional) – The directory in which to search for and write cached data.

  • cache (bool, optional) – If True, then cache data locally for use on subsequent calls

  • **kws (dict, optional) – Passed to xarray.open_rasterio