xarray.plot.line(darray, *args, **kwargs)

Line plot of DataArray index against values

Wraps matplotlib.pyplot.plot()


darray : DataArray

Must be 1 dimensional

figsize : tuple, optional

A tuple (width, height) of the figure in inches. Mutually exclusive with size and ax.

aspect : scalar, optional

Aspect ratio of plot, so that aspect * size gives the width in inches. Only used if a size is provided.

size : scalar, optional

If provided, create a new figure for the plot with the given size. Height (in inches) of each plot. See also: aspect.

ax : matplotlib axes object, optional

Axis on which to plot this figure. By default, use the current axis. Mutually exclusive with size and figsize.

hue : string, optional

Coordinate for which you want multiple lines plotted (2D DataArrays only).

x, y : string, optional

Coordinates for x, y axis. Only one of these may be specified. The other coordinate plots values from the DataArray on which this plot method is called.

add_legend : boolean, optional

Add legend with y axis coordinates (2D inputs only).

*args, **kwargs : optional

Additional arguments to matplotlib.pyplot.plot