xarray.where(cond, x, y)

Return elements from x or y depending on cond.

Performs xarray-like broadcasting across input arguments.


cond : scalar, array, Variable, DataArray or Dataset with boolean dtype

When True, return values from x, otherwise returns values from y.

x, y : scalar, array, Variable, DataArray or Dataset

Values from which to choose. All dimension coordinates on these objects must be aligned with each other and with cond.


In priority order: Dataset, DataArray, Variable or array, whichever

type appears as an input argument.

See also

corresponding numpy function

Dataset.where, DataArray.where


>>> cond = xr.DataArray([True, False], dims=['x'])
>>> x = xr.DataArray([1, 2], dims=['y'])
>>> xr.where(cond, x, 0)
<xarray.DataArray (x: 2, y: 2)>
array([[1, 2],
       [0, 0]])
Dimensions without coordinates: x, y