xarray.ufuncs.angle = <xarray.ufuncs._UFuncDispatcher object>

xarray specific variant of numpy.angle. Handles xarray.Dataset, xarray.DataArray, xarray.Variable, numpy.ndarray and dask.array.Array objects with automatic dispatching.

Documentation from numpy:

Return the angle of the complex argument.

  • z (array_like) – A complex number or sequence of complex numbers.

  • deg (bool, optional) – Return angle in degrees if True, radians if False (default).


angle (ndarray or scalar) – The counterclockwise angle from the positive real axis on the complex plane in the range (-pi, pi], with dtype as numpy.float64.

Changed in version 1.16.0: This function works on subclasses of ndarray like ma.array.

See also

arctan2, absolute


Although the angle of the complex number 0 is undefined, numpy.angle(0) returns the value 0.


>>> np.angle([1.0, 1.0j, 1+1j])               # in radians
array([ 0.        ,  1.57079633,  0.78539816]) # may vary
>>> np.angle(1+1j, deg=True)                  # in degrees