xarray.plot.plot(darray, row=None, col=None, col_wrap=None, ax=None, rtol=0.01, subplot_kws=None, **kwargs)

Default plot of DataArray using matplotlib.pyplot.

Calls xarray plotting function based on the dimensions of darray.squeeze()

Dimensions Plotting function
1 xarray.plot.line()
2 xarray.plot.pcolormesh()
Anything else xarray.plot.hist()

darray : DataArray

row : string, optional

If passed, make row faceted plots on this dimension name

col : string, optional

If passed, make column faceted plots on this dimension name

col_wrap : integer, optional

Use together with col to wrap faceted plots

ax : matplotlib axes, optional

If None, uses the current axis. Not applicable when using facets.

rtol : number, optional

Relative tolerance used to determine if the indexes are uniformly spaced. Usually a small positive number.

subplot_kws : dict, optional

Dictionary of keyword arguments for matplotlib subplots. Only applies to FacetGrid plotting.

**kwargs : optional

Additional keyword arguments to matplotlib