classmethod Dataset.from_dict(d)

Convert a dictionary into an xarray.Dataset.

Input dict can take several forms:

d = {'t': {'dims': ('t'), 'data': t},
     'a': {'dims': ('t'), 'data': x},
     'b': {'dims': ('t'), 'data': y}}

d = {'coords': {'t': {'dims': 't', 'data': t,
                      'attrs': {'units':'s'}}},
     'attrs': {'title': 'air temperature'},
     'dims': 't',
     'data_vars': {'a': {'dims': 't', 'data': x, },
                   'b': {'dims': 't', 'data': y}}}

where ‘t’ is the name of the dimesion, ‘a’ and ‘b’ are names of data variables and t, x, and y are lists, numpy.arrays or pandas objects.

Parameters:d : dict, with a minimum structure of {‘var_0’: {‘dims’: [..], ‘data’: [..]}, ...}
Returns:obj : xarray.Dataset