xarray.ufuncs.real = <xarray.ufuncs._UFuncDispatcher object>

xarray specific variant of numpy.real. Handles xarray.Dataset, xarray.DataArray, xarray.Variable, numpy.ndarray and dask.array.Array objects with automatic dispatching.

Documentation from numpy:

Return the real part of the complex argument.


val (array_like) – Input array.


out – The real component of the complex argument. If val is real, the type of val is used for the output. If val has complex elements, the returned type is float.

Return type

ndarray or scalar

See also

real_if_close, imag, angle


>>> a = np.array([1+2j, 3+4j, 5+6j])
>>> a.real
array([1.,  3.,  5.])
>>> a.real = 9
>>> a
array([9.+2.j,  9.+4.j,  9.+6.j])
>>> a.real = np.array([9, 8, 7])
>>> a
array([9.+2.j,  8.+4.j,  7.+6.j])
>>> np.real(1 + 1j)