xarray.tutorial.open_dataset(name, cache=True, cache_dir='~/.xarray_tutorial_data', github_url='https://github.com/pydata/xarray-data', branch='master', **kws)

Open a dataset from the online repository (requires internet).

If a local copy is found then always use that to avoid network traffic.

  • name (str) – Name of the file containing the dataset. If no suffix is given, assumed to be netCDF (‘.nc’ is appended) e.g. ‘air_temperature’

  • cache_dir (str, optional) – The directory in which to search for and write cached data.

  • cache (bool, optional) – If True, then cache data locally for use on subsequent calls

  • github_url (str) – Github repository where the data is stored

  • branch (str) – The git branch to download from

  • kws (dict, optional) – Passed to xarray.open_dataset