DatasetGroupBy.median(dim=None, skipna=None, **kwargs)[source]

Reduce this DatasetGroupBy’s data by applying median along some dimension(s).

  • dim (str or sequence of str, optional) – Dimension(s) over which to apply median. By default median is applied over all dimensions.

  • skipna (bool, optional) – If True, skip missing values (as marked by NaN). By default, only skips missing values for float dtypes; other dtypes either do not have a sentinel missing value (int) or skipna=True has not been implemented (object, datetime64 or timedelta64).

  • keep_attrs (bool, optional) – If True, the attributes (attrs) will be copied from the original object to the new one. If False (default), the new object will be returned without attributes.

  • **kwargs (dict) – Additional keyword arguments passed on to the appropriate array function for calculating median on this object’s data.


reduced (DatasetGroupBy) – New DatasetGroupBy object with median applied to its data and the indicated dimension(s) removed.