DataArray.str.replace(pat, repl, n=- 1, case=None, flags=0, regex=True)

Replace occurrences of pattern/regex in the array with some string.

  • pat (string or compiled regex) – String can be a character sequence or regular expression.

  • repl (string or callable) – Replacement string or a callable. The callable is passed the regex match object and must return a replacement string to be used. See re.sub().

  • n (int, default -1 (all)) – Number of replacements to make from start

  • case (boolean, default None) –

    • If True, case sensitive (the default if pat is a string)

    • Set to False for case insensitive

    • Cannot be set if pat is a compiled regex

  • flags (int, default 0 (no flags)) –

    • re module flags, e.g. re.IGNORECASE

    • Cannot be set if pat is a compiled regex

  • regex (boolean, default True) –

    • If True, assumes the passed-in pattern is a regular expression.

    • If False, treats the pattern as a literal string

    • Cannot be set to False if pat is a compiled regex or repl is a callable.


replaced – A copy of the object with all matching occurrences of pat replaced by repl.

Return type

same type as values