Multiple plots and map projections

Control the map projection parameters on multiple axes

This example illustrates how to plot multiple maps and control their extent and aspect ratio.

For more details see this discussion on github.

import as ccrs
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import xarray as xr

# Load the data
ds = xr.tutorial.load_dataset("air_temperature")
air = ds.air.isel(time=[0, 724]) - 273.15

# This is the map projection we want to plot *onto*
map_proj = ccrs.LambertConformal(central_longitude=-95, central_latitude=45)

p = air.plot(
    transform=ccrs.PlateCarree(),  # the data's projection
    col_wrap=1,  # multiplot settings
    aspect=ds.dims["lon"] / ds.dims["lat"],  # for a sensible figsize
    subplot_kws={"projection": map_proj},  # the plot's projection

# We have to set the map's options on all four axes
for ax in p.axes.flat:
    ax.set_extent([-160, -30, 5, 75])
    # Without this aspect attributes the maps will look chaotic and the
    # "extent" attribute above will be ignored

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