DataArray.shift(shifts=None, fill_value=<NA>, **shifts_kwargs)

Shift this array by an offset along one or more dimensions.

Only the data is moved; coordinates stay in place. Values shifted from beyond array bounds are replaced by NaN. This is consistent with the behavior of shift in pandas.

shifts : Mapping with the form of {dim: offset}

Integer offset to shift along each of the given dimensions. Positive offsets shift to the right; negative offsets shift to the left.

fill_value: scalar, optional

Value to use for newly missing values


The keyword arguments form of shifts. One of shifts or shifts_kwarg must be provided.

shifted : DataArray

DataArray with the same coordinates and attributes but shifted data.

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>>> arr = xr.DataArray([5, 6, 7], dims='x')
>>> arr.shift(x=1)
<xarray.DataArray (x: 3)>
array([ nan,   5.,   6.])
  * x        (x) int64 0 1 2